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Yup, the hibiscus flowers are this beautiful.

Another reason for my lack of posts last week is because I spent most of the week in Hawaii. I stuck to Oahu (which maintains my excuse to visit the other islands someday), climbed Diamondhead with Daphyn, went to the Dole Plantation (fresh pineapple juice tastes sooo much better), hit the beaches, visited the USS Missouri and USS Bowfin at Pearl Harbor, and ate some pretty good food.

Waikiki Beach at night.

I visited Chef Mavro, one of Fodor 2006’s “Top Ten Restaurants in the World,” but found Roy’s to be a bit more enjoyable (I guess I just don’t care for the exclusivity of chef’s menus). Also of note was Side Street Inn; the place looks like a dive sports bar, but their Hawaiian cuisine made for some incredible lunches.

The view from atop Diamondhead. Go early and avoid the heat–and the other tourists.

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3 thoughts on “Hawaii

  1. Shalimar Ollar says:

    yeah, the flower above is not a Hibiscus…That is a PLUMERIA, the hibiscus is the state flower, but its too bad that the plumeris isnt, I think it is so much prettier…I jus thought Id let you know.

  2. Rich Hauck says:

    Looking at the picture now, I realize I know what a Hibiscus flower looks like and that’s definitely not it! Dunno what I was typing.

    Thanks for correcting me 🙂

  3. Sabrina says:

    I went to Oahu. I loved it. View Myspace page for the Hawaii slide at

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