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A Moon for the Misbegotten

by: Rich Hauck

As an early Christmas present (since I never want anything around that time anyway), Daphyn sent me off to see a Moon for the Misbegotten with Kevin Spacey, Eva Best, and Colm Meaney (Eva Best. Wow. No wonder she’s up for a Tony. Of course, it never hurts to have the always excellent Spacey and Meaney in your corner).

Moon opened right around the time I went to see Forbidden Broadway, which is an off-Broadway spoof of just how touristy, family-friendly, and Disney-afied Broadway has become. How true it is. Despite this, I knew Forbidden Broadway wouldn’t touch the classic revival of Eugene O’Neill.
I pretty much fell in love with O’Neill’s tragic work when I last visited the Brooks Atkinson Theatre for 1999’s The Iceman Cometh with Spacey. It was around that time that I knew I wanted to live up here.
Thinking back to that–and leaving work in NYC to go to a Broadway show got me wondering–why don’t any of my NYC friends go to Broadway shows? Granted, the $100+ ticket isn’t that cheap, but it’s such a great experience on one’s doorstep (when, of course, something other than a tourist trap like The Lion King is playing).

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