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Daphyn had been bugging me for awhile to get a new digital camera for her (since I loathe playing photographer at family events) and I kept pushing back because Canon strayed away from pocket cameras with manual settings. When her birthday came around earlier this month I almost bought her a Panasonic Lumix–but discovered the Canon SD 790 IS.

It seems like there’s been fireworks going off every night for the past few nights (either Jersey City or Battery Park), and I took the opportunity to borrow my wife’s new camera and take it for a test drive.

Sadly, RAW settings have been made exclusive to SLRs since I last used a pocket camera. I also found myself bumbling around the controls in the dark while taking the above shot. Overall, though, I’m impressed with how far these small devices have come: the digital macro is a nice touch and the accelerometer that automatically rotates previously shot photos is nice.

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