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FlashCodersNY Flash Lite Links

by: Rich Hauck

Thanks to those of you that came out to Wednesday’s FlashCodersNY meeting. As promised, here’s the outline with links of what I covered at the meeting.

  1. The First Step: Choosing a Target Device
  2. Creating a Flash Lite Application

  3. Flash Lite Memory Issues
    • Garbage Collection runs a little differently
    • Runs every 60 seconds or when application memory increases by 20%
    • Use fscommand2(“GetFreePlayerMemory”) to check memory on specific device
    • Garbage collection can’t be triggered
    • Explanation of Dynamic Heap
    • Inherent memory leak with attach/removal of MovieClips
    • Memory Management by the book
    • Chumby has 8 MB of memory, plus widget refresh
  4. Optimization Techniques – a Few Tips

    • Design
      • Determine target hardware
      • Minimize font usage
      • Use _sans
      • Avoid bold, italic
      • Don’t embed fonts—consider bitmaps
      • Find a balance between bitmaps and vector
      • Don’t compress movies
      • 12 – 15 fps
    • Actionscript
      • Simplify your code
      • delete or null objects no longer used. No
        need to do this on instance/method level.
      • Clear listeners
      • Condense package structure
      • Avoid inheritance
      • Minimize Math, String parsing
      • Test on actual device often!
  5. Deployment

  6. Resources

  7. Flash + Mobile’s Future
    • iPhone
    • Open Screen Project
    • Adobe AIR

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