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My Second Wikipedia Entry . . .

by: Rich Hauck

Phil HughesI’ve struck again, this time posting on Wikipedia a picture of Phil Hughes during his last 2008 start (prior to his trip to the DL). I had a few action shots but figured I’d post something a little different this time. Who knows, maybe I’ll replace it if I ever sit on the third base
side (since he’s a righty) or if I treat myself to Box seats (doubtful, considering NYC prices).

I like Hughes, and, despite the rough start, think it was still the smart move to not trade him for Santana.

I definitely think it’s cool he’s got the guts to maintain a blog through the season; it provides a unique perspective of the game for the fans. I will say I’m surprised superstition hasn’t set in with the number change from #65 to #34, and I also wonder if the youngster pitchers (Joba, Ian, etc., who from what I read are gamers) think of playing themselves in MLB 2K8.

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