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Yankee Stadium Tour

by: Rich Hauck

I definitely wanted to catch a tour of baseball’s cathedral before its date with the wrecking ball, and since tour tickets have been sold out all season I followed the instructions, woke up early, headed to the stadium, got in line at 9 am, and got a ticket for the noon tour (from what I heard they’ll probably give tours after the season ends and up until the stadium gets torn down in March 2009).

The tour enabled me to finally make it down to Monument Park and the dugout, although I was a little disappointed to not get into the clubhouse. I went on a day the Yankees weren’t playing, but since their next home game would be the following day they wouldn’t let anyone beyond the dugout. I was really hoping to see some of the hidden gems displayed in this NY Times slideshow, but I guess I’ll have to settle for what’s on the Web.

There’s been an online petition to save the Yankee Stadium, notably headed by Linda Ruth Tosetti, Babe Ruth’s granddaughter. With all the money involved and the Bronx’s committment to recover park area, I doubt the city will give the idea consideration. Once demolished, this ballpark is to be replaced with a city park and three baseball fields.

Instead of petitioning against the inevitable, I think they ought to petition New York City to retain the original ballpark’s footprint as one of the three baseball fields (although this conclusion’s chances seem grim as well). It’s a long shot, given the size and location of the existing field, but wouldn’t it be great for kids to be able to play on the same field as the legends of the game?

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