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Beer Party!

by: Rich Hauck

Back in 2009, I was invited to a Midtown Harrisburg block party that had an interesting cover fee–invitees were required to bring a six pack of foreign or microbrew beer. These beers were then added to a pool that anyone could sample.

Harrisburg Block Party

Apparently this block party had been going on for several (10? 20?) years, but died off in 2010. It was a great concept for trying new beers, and it’s an idea I shared with friends on the way down to ballgames. My sister took the idea and hosted her own party earlier this year, and when my friend Sarz invited me to his, he let me steal it back for my birthday.


One thing I learned was I’ll be reverting back to Evite, as it seems everyone ignores Facebook event invitations (either that or no one really likes me!). The result was a rather segmented party where, sadly, a few keystone people who didn’t attend might have helped unify the groups. Fortunately, some hardcore beer aficionados showed, so a nice diversity in suds was present.

A few highlights for me included Pliny the Elder (I don’t even like IPAs and this one was good), Weyerbacher Sour Black, and Brewdog Bitch Please.

I don’t know how many samplings I missed since I was bouncing between the bar and the upstairs, but I tried 23 new beers in the course of a little over an hour and earned 6 badges on Untappd. Besides being a great way to get ahead on the Untappd app, this party restocked my bar, as it yielded enough leftover beers to easily host another one of these parties, too.

Each bottle opening triggered a round of cell phone app checkins. What a bunch of dorks we are.


Chase Buffington: TV Slayer.

Tierney's 1000

Tierney’s 1000th. Contemplating having a framed copy of this photo in my bar.

Thanks to those who came to celebrate my birthday. I’ve got an entirely different idea revolving around wine that I may just try for next year. 🙂

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