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Shooting NYC as a Tourist

by: Rich Hauck

Projects in my photography class revolve around a theme, and when I have students ask if they can use a “trip to New York City” as their theme, well, I typically discourage them. The problem is that most students are usually so preoccupied with the trip itself that they can’t really focus on the photography.

As for me, I had the benefit of living up there long enough for the luster of Times Square to fade away (it doesn’t take long). Ironically, I never cared for taking pictures during my time up there, but I’ve since started trying to approach visits to the city with an open eye.

I recently picked up a 40mm STM prime lens, which, with its pancake shape, makes it compact and easy to carry along. Surprisingly, its lack of zoom has recently inspired me to take more pictures. The above were some of the ones I came back with, and I’d say they’re not characteristic of what I usually shoot. I’m looking forward to do it again on my next visit.

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