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If you wanted to know what City Island is like at -9 degrees, I saved you the trip

by: Rich Hauck


Yesterday, I decided it’d be a good time to try out my new Speedlite and remote switch for my SLR. The snowstorm had me work from home, and since class was cancelled, I was ahead of schedule for my typical Tuesday. Of course, the temperature (with wind chill) hit -9 degrees. I was grateful to be using smart gloves to control my camera’s touch screen, but I blatantly chickened out and didn’t take my Speedlite out at all–it was just too cold!


I¬†took several bracketed shots in hopes of doing some HDR images (that capitol is always just so blindingly well-lit!), but the gusts of wind weren’t cooperating.



I reached a point on the north end of City Island where I couldn’t tell where ground stopped and ice began. I suppose it wasn’t the wisest thing for me to set up my tripod on the ice, especially considering no one knew where I was and there wasn’t another soul to be found on the island.

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