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Baseball 2014

by: Rich Hauck

ALDS 2014

Another year, another baseball season.

I thought it was funny how people would apologize to me that the Orioles didn’t make it past the ALCS. Sure, I was a little bummed, but I got to go to two exciting ALDS games, made my Kansas City friend very happy, got to take some pretty pictures (like the one, above), and made a little money to subsidize my 2015 season, too.

I love baseball, as its pace and the trip down serves as a vehicle for spending time with friends and family. A car trip is the viscosity of intriguing conversation, and the extracurricular side trips to such places as Of Love and Regret, Joe Squared, Dangerously Delicious, and Rye kept things refreshing.

With the Phillies back for a series in 2015, I’m hoping to have a good turnout. If anyone’s interested in hitting a game next year, let me know!

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