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Harrisburg’s Greenbelt in Infrared

by: Rich Hauck


I recently squeezed in a bike ride around the Greenbelt before the autumn’s breeze proved unbearable. I lugged along my SLR and my tripod, and while my tripod bag didn’t survive the trip, I made it out with these infrared photos.


I’ve always found the state hospital grounds to be some of the most tranquil parts of the ‘burg.




With a daylight white balance the shots come out very red (below). Personally, I find these far more interesting than converting to B&W, although I realize it’s not for everyone.


I once compared a color-to-black-and-white conversion against an infrared one and was able to generate pretty similar results. Trying to emulate an infrared image in Photoshop would be much more difficult, if not impossible.





I was really surprised to not be able to find an equivalent of the Channel Mixer in Adobe Photoshop’s RAW window. Tweaking the red channel yields some pretty wild results.


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