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Lyrical Gangster

by: Rich Hauck

I suppose it’s only appropriate that I get to posting about this on the same night that all of the 400 bottles have been sold, but I was invited and subsequently completed an illustration for Zeroday Brewing’s Lyrical Gangster bottle.

After an initial detour, I got my head in the right place and started researching 1980s hip hop. I’ll confess, the rather Snake Eyes-looking face is a bit of an homage to Limp Bizkit’s “Significant Other” album cover.

I struggled with a color palette until one night I was sketching ideas on my iPad at Zeroday and bartender Blue (Jason) reminded me of the blue agave ingredient.

Lyrical Gangster Sketches

Since this beer was to establish a bottle shape and label, I ended up becoming the guinea pig. As you can see below, I had to redraw this label three times!

Lyrical Gangster

Kudos to Theo and Brandalynn for sticking with Harrisburg-based artists to provide the illustrations and for Bart to suggest the metal print.

Oh, and for someone that’s not really into tequila, the beer is excellent.


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