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The August 2018 Burg Cover

by: Rich Hauck

I recently completed the August 2018 cover of The Burg, though what few people know is that it was a second draft of what was going to be the cover for the June 2018 issue. Hooray for low-exposure blogs such as this one, as I’m able to share the original version:

Why was it rejected? It had one too many Easter eggs in it. I knew it was a long shot to incorporate so many inside references and likenesses, but I wanted to make it the Harrisburg I know. It’s funny, because in some ways I can see that references are already outdated only two months later. If you compare it with the approved version and look past the improved the layout, you might recognize a lot of recycled elements accompanying the color palette. These were time-saving measures, as I’d already gone way over my self-imposed quota (I just discovered the Procreate on my iPad tracks hours spent). I can’t say I’m satisfied with either one (the final version feels so sparse to me), but at least I can share them here.

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