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If you’re a artist working in digital media, chances are you know what a Cintiq is–it’s the hallowed tool of...

Harrisburg Gallery Walk

Since I’m already attending a wedding in Central PA this weekend I figured I’d play lone tourist to Harrisburg and...

Beyond Second. Relaunched.

Today marks the relaunch of, the Harrisburg photo sharing site that I originally launched with my friend Dave back...


My favorite so far.


I’m currently involved in a month-long online exercise with about a hundred other artists called Creative Act II. Basically, we...

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Rich Hauck

I'm a creative technologist at Hauck Interactive, Inc. and an adjunct instructor at HACC. I live in Harrisburg, Pa. with my wife and three boys. I enjoy good coffee, Trappist beers, Orioles baseball, and good design.