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iPhone 4 Versus the Nexus S

The iPhone 4 has been my primary phone, but back in December i picked up a Google Nexus S (Why...

Apple iPad vs. Wacom Cintiq

As most of my friends know, I got an iPad. Upon announcement of the device, I thought it was a...

iPhone 3.0 and iTunes error -4

Like many iPhone users, I just downloaded the iPhone 3.0 software and installed it onto my phone. The download and...

FlashCodersNY Flash Lite Links

Thanks to those of you that came out to Wednesday’s FlashCodersNY meeting. As promised, here’s the outline with links of...

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I'm a creative technologist at Hauck Interactive, Inc. and an adjunct instructor at HACC. I live in Harrisburg, Pa. with my wife and three boys. I enjoy good coffee, Trappist beers, Orioles baseball, and good design.