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My 2017 in Pictures

I guess I’m superstitious, but I often think great years are followed by…not-so-great years. This definitely felt like a transition...

Italian Lake in Infrared

Here’s a few shots of Italian Lake I took the other week. I suppose some shots on Instagram inspired me...

Eastern State Penitentiary

On a recent trip to Philadelphia (primarily to hear UX expert Jared Spool speak at Wharton) I just so happened to...

Harrisburg’s Greenbelt in Infrared

  I recently squeezed in a bike ride around the Greenbelt before the autumn’s breeze proved unbearable. I lugged along my SLR...

Harrisburg in Fog

A recent fog cover beckoned me to visit Harrisburg Cemetery. The shots below are what followed.

My Year in Pictures 2014

It’s that time again! Rather than let Facebook algorithmically botch my pictures (and keep all the credit whilst making me...

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Rich Hauck

I'm a creative technologist at Hauck Interactive, Inc. and an adjunct instructor at HACC. I live in Harrisburg, Pa. with my wife and two boys. I enjoy good coffee, Trappist beers, Orioles baseball, and good design.