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CodeTree gets Honorary Mention at PRIX ARS

by: Rich Hauck

The results have been published, and CodeTree has earned an Honorary Mention at PRIX ARS. Considering there were some 3000 entries from around the world, along with the fact that big guns like Wikipedia have been previous winners, I’m pretty ecstatic with where it placed.

After taking a look at the 2006 Digital Communities winner, along with some of the Awards of Distinction, I’ve really become inspired by how these types of projects can really benefit people. It’s particularly interesting to me with the upcoming possibilities of the soon-to-be-exploding U.S. mobile market.

It’s also interesting to see applications being used outside of the large media markets. Sometimes I think that tech-saavy New Yorkers are really oblivious to the rest of the country’s “digital lifestyle”.

It’s also making me take a hard look at where I am, as I’m now leaning towards getting a full-time job so that I can spend (have) more free time making more meaningful types of applications instead of being bogged down with the paperwork and sales of my own business. For instance, I’d like to execute a new BeyondSecond redesign by summer and modify the functionality of CodeTree by Fall semester.


Homage to Mecca?

by: Rich Hauck


It’s a funny coincidence that the new Apple Store on 5th Avenue happens to be a large cube and that there’ve been a ton of Mac fans (from what appears to be around the country) lining up to visit the flagship store. I hope I’m not one of them, but I made a visit a few days after the opening to see what it was like. Free wireless in the store and in the plaza is a definite plus, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Apple will have to employ window washers 24/7/365 to go with their entrance.

It’s nice, but nothing amazingly different inside, except for a large, revolving crowd. Unless I’m in need of wireless at 4 a.m., this store’s just another reason for me to visit SoHo, which will probably be a little less crowded now.

Free Ruler!

by: Rich Hauck


I never thought I’d use this, but when I end up placing such things as TextFields and Buttons dynamically in Actionscript, this customizeable free ruler actually comes in handy. Oh, and it’s free :)


Harrisburg’s Cornerstone

by: Rich Hauck


I spent an afternoon turning the Harrisburg’s newest coffeehouse addition, Cornerstone Coffeehouse #2 (by the Harrisburg Mall–East Mall for purists that think like me) into my office as I found myself displaced in Harrisburg on a weekday.
The cappuccino was a little too frothy for my taste. The aftermath of my beverage left a foamy residue that consumed nearly half of the cup. The drip coffee was very good, though some of the mysticism felt absent when I paid to pour my own cup out of one of those push button pots.

Okay, enough whining. I am happy to say that this new branch wins my seal of favorite coffee shop in the area. The interior is nice, they’ve carried over the grassroots effort of decorating the walls with local photography, the staff was extremely friendly, and the free wireless rounds out a perfect latte-sipping environment. Now if they could just expand upon those hours…


JPL United Relay for Life Party Tonight

by: Rich Hauck

Anyone with some free time in the Harrisburg area tonight should check out JPL’s Relay for Life, a fundraising party at Doc Holliday’s West for the American Cancer Society (I’m hoping to make it for the sumo wrestling myself!).

The event was started two years ago after JPL employee Joe Surges (a really cool guy that’s well missed) passed away from brain cancer.

Yankees Game

by: Rich Hauck


Bottom of the ninth. Hometeam down by one. Full count. Here’s the pitch…Way back, way back, gone! Yankees win it!

It sounds pretty story book, but Posada hit a two-run homer as I watched the Yankees match their record for coming back from a huge deficit (The Rangers were up 9-0 by the second inning only to lose 14-13).

Well, Jaki did tell me in the first inning that it felt like history’d be made. And what an sweet game for Dee to see her first ballgame in the States!

Shagun stealing Jeff’s Mojo.


Chilean Cabernet

by: Rich Hauck


A Chilean Cab wrapped in burlap? I’ll TAKE IT!!!

I’m such a sucker for good packaging. I guess it comes with being a designer.

New Screensaver, Anyone?

by: Rich Hauck


A sheep by llamamama.
After sadly discovering that the screensavers I have authored in the past don’t work on my new Intel MacBook, I discovered Electric Sheep, an open-source cross-platform screensaver that’s pretty trippy. The sheep, or visualizations, are pretty big (around 4 – 5 MBs), but they sure do look cool!

Japanese Toys

by: Rich Hauck


I guess I’m not so sure what compelled me, but I went over to Kid Robot yesterday and got some toys for my home office, including this pretty cool Super Mario magnet and a colllectible Yoda figure. I think I’ve found some stocking stuffers for next Christmas.

What’s goofy is that, like baseball cards, you don’t know what you’re going to get half the time you buy these things–the Japanese even put these toys in shiny metallic bags that can’t be x-rayed to ensure a surprise. The Yoda box even contained the warning “Adult collectible. Not a toy. Recommended for ages 15 & up.” Good thing they didn’t card me.


The Beastles

by: Rich Hauck

I never thought I could program with ambient music in the background, but I’ve gotten used to it, and have happily discovered a nice mash-up along the way. The commentary is kinda silly, but this mash-up of the Beatles and the Beastie Boys makes me look at Love Me Do in a whole new way.


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