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Japanese Toys

by: Rich Hauck


I guess I’m not so sure what compelled me, but I went over to Kid Robot yesterday and got some toys for my home office, including this pretty cool Super Mario magnet and a colllectible Yoda figure. I think I’ve found some stocking stuffers for next Christmas.

What’s goofy is that, like baseball cards, you don’t know what you’re going to get half the time you buy these things–the Japanese even put these toys in shiny metallic bags that can’t be x-rayed to ensure a surprise. The Yoda box even contained the warning “Adult collectible. Not a toy. Recommended for ages 15 & up.” Good thing they didn’t card me.


The Beastles

by: Rich Hauck

I never thought I could program with ambient music in the background, but I’ve gotten used to it, and have happily discovered a nice mash-up along the way. The commentary is kinda silly, but this mash-up of the Beatles and the Beastie Boys makes me look at Love Me Do in a whole new way.


CSS Layout Samples

by: Rich Hauck

I get my fair share of CSS support requests from friends and ITPers–particularly for simple layouts. The nice thing about the Web, though, is that usually a few hundred other people write-up some nice support pages for the rest of the world.
Case in point: Alessandro Fulciniti’s Layout Gala.

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NYC Celebrity Stalkers

by: Rich Hauck

Gawker launched their Stalker page a few weeks ago, but it’s just making the rounds on the news now. Despite going into the Village almost daily for the past two years, I can’t say I’ve seen too many celebrities (outside of Broadway theaters). Sure, there was the time I saw Elle MacPherson rushing to get into a Lincoln Navigator in Midtown (she looked familiar, but I just couldn’t place her until someone yelled for her), David Duchovny shooting Trust the Man right outside of Tisch, and someone who appeared to be Jonathan Pryce at the MoMA, but I’m not some weirdo who’s going to post about it immediately after seeing them. Personally, I think the site’s a disgusting idea. Gawker‘s already ignored privacy infringement claims…uh, hello, it may be out in the public, but you’re the ones aggregating all the info in one place!

I guess it’s also a little disturbing that only New Yorkers seem to be posting so far. What about the celebrities in Kansas and Ohio?! Maybe it’s because there aren’t Gawker contributors in those states.

Oh, and what’s Malcolm Gladwell doing on Stalker? Since when do authors count?!


At the Garden.

by: Rich Hauck


Sadly, the only person I was really cheering for last night was Larry Brown…


NYC Graffiti and My Modern-Day Holga

by: Rich Hauck


Originally uploaded by mandalatv.

Finally, two weeks later, my laptop has been recovered and I can download and post the pictures I took with my camera phone.

After going to a rather dull exhibit at PS1 (the previous show was awesome, so I was a bit disappointed this time around), Dave dragged me across the street, and I must say, this warehouse trumped the museum. We also took a nice hike through some parts of the outer boroughs and discovered some pretty cool graffiti along the way.

I used to be a big opponent of cell phone cameras because the quality just isn’t there, but I’ve discovered just how convenient my Nokia 6682 is for candid shots. I guess I could call it my modern-day Holga.

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FlashObject by Deconcept – for all your detection needs!

by: Rich Hauck

I have finally settled on a Flash detection script, and it doesn’t happen to be Macromedia‘s. After fishing around for a solid, standards-compliant Javascript-based Flash detection, I’ve come across FlashObject. Granted, standards-compliant and Flash shouldn’t really be used in the same sentence, but this detection has to be the cleanest I’ve seen, it validates as XHTML, and, perhaps most impressive, it allows you to put a doctype in the page even when setting a 100% width and height for your swf. Yay!

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