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The Inevitable

by: Rich Hauck

I suppose that, given the industry that I am in, it was inevitable that I would come to this point. I’ve been tinkering with creating a content management system (CMS) for my clients, have been fiddling with RSS Feeds, am generally interested in online “movements,” and believe that good writing only comes with practice. I’m still not sure I totally like the blog, though. Granted, this tool has empowered the individual voice; like the video camera that preceded it, blogs have put a power once reserved to the corporations and the big businesses into the hands of the individual. As my wife pointed out to me, however, that which is published by the corporate giants benefits immensely from editors; I guess I could blame blogs for spreading some of the degradation of our language, not to mention the soapbox it has provided to so many that probably don’t need it (myself included).

Well, with that said, I’ve found myself reading blogs far more often. I generally read those that are industry related (Flash, ITP), belong to old friends far away (Chicago, California, Spanish Harlem ☺), or just to keep up-to-date with my other home (Harrisburg, Pennsylvania).

Reading a friend’s blog definitely helps me to break the ice—especially if I haven’t seen them in a few years. I’m hoping this may help me keep in touch with some friends and possibly make some new ones. If this doesn’t work out, it won’t be a big loss, as I’m in the midst of being contracted to redesign a company’s blog and needed the experience, anyway.

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