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Expense Gauge

by: Rich Hauck


After a series of 60-80 hour work weeks, my wife finally pulled the plug and got me away from my computer and out to celebrate a late anniversary. Our travels brought me back to the Grand Concourse in Pittsburgh last Friday, and despite the fact that they’d removed the Smithfield Bridge dessert from the menu (the pastry chef apparently bolted in the five years since I’d visited last), the seafood was still top notch.

It’s funny how New York City prices are now our gauge to all other expenses. A $2,000 a month rent is acceptable (and at times cheap), $12 movie tickets are the norm, and $50 a person for dinner is typical for going out. It’s just another reason my wife’s not a fan of NYC—having 50 restaurants with the quality of the Grand Concourse to choose from spoils you and takes away what’s special when you go out.

Naturally, being opposites, I disagree. :)

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