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iPod Battery Replacement

by: Rich Hauck


Ever wonder what’s on the inside of your iPod? I did, and with the battery barely holding a charge on my 4G iPod, I figured I’d save the $65 fee Apple charges and replace the battery myself using one of the cheap battery replacement kits off the Web. I figured doing it myself’d remind me of those physical computing days at ITP–and my enforce my motto of “don’t let an expert do it, become an expert and do it!”

Let me just say, if you have a protective case for your iPod, this option isn’t for you. Trying to pry open the case with a screwdriver left my iPod with several new scars. I don’t care, though, as I figure I’m beating that statistic of modern electronics having only a 2 year shelf life (I also take pride in the fact that my iPod looks like it survives the NYC commute).

The guts of this MP3 player are pretty tightly-packed (the blue rubber above is the HD’s protection). Once it was open, though, it was pretty smooth sailing.


5 thoughts on “iPod Battery Replacement

  1. Charles De Mateo says:

    What generation ipod do you have? i have an ipod mini and the battery went kaput on my so I got a new power pack from one of those third party companies ( I think). I also have a fourth generation player and need a battery for that one too. Cheers.

  2. Rich Hauck says:

    It’s a 4G U2 edition. If I’d have been concerned about how it looks, I’d have probably found one of those third parties you send it out to.

  3. waxman says:

    i always wondered what was inside my ipod…

    my problem is the battery lasts all of like 3 workouts before i need to recharge…

    if you ever need some techno, let me know, i just made a bunch of new sets

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