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Archives: July 2007

FlashVars in ActionScript 3.0

FYI, when accessing FlashVars in AS3.0 you can no longer access them by _root.myFlashVar. Instead, use: root.loaderInfo.parameters.myFlashVar

In a Dark Dark House

Boy, this is a testament to how behind I am with blogging. I went to see Neil LaBute’s In a...


Too all my friends back home who don’t have the luxury of a Kwik E Mart, my sympathies…

Adventures in LAB Colorspace

I recently purchased a book that delves into color correction in the LAB colorspace (If the time of my post...

Simpsons Avatar

Well, enough friends have one, so I figured I’d join in. I guess it doesn’t look that much like me,...

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I'm a creative technologist at Hauck Interactive, Inc. and an adjunct instructor at HACC. I live in Harrisburg, Pa. with my wife and three boys. I enjoy good coffee, Trappist beers, Orioles baseball, and good design.