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Go Animation Package for AS3

by: Rich Hauck

Well, my friend Moses has announced Go for ActionScript 3.0. No, it’s not Fuse 3–actually, I think it leapfrogs the standard ActionScript animation library idea, and I hope it’s successful at getting people to work together on coding concepts, rather than release their own flavors of tween engines and hope for industry stardom.

I’ve been privileged to beta test Go, and the benchmarks alone are pretty impressive. I won’t let any cats out of the bag, but will say that it’s challenged me to wonder if subclassing is more ideal than using a decorator pattern. Personally, I lean towards subclassing since it requires some preplanning. Furthermore, decorators provide runtime changes, functionality that for some reason I wouldn’t feel comfortable with unless absolutely necessary. What do you think, though?

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One thought on “Go Animation Package for AS3

  1. Sam Wilson says:

    It’s encouraging to see discussion on Go. I just started yesterday looking closely at Go and I’m starting to see the potential if only a little bit. I see how Go lays a solid foundation, and I’m trying to imagine what form a Go-based Fuse-like sequencing system would take.

    As for decorator vs. subclassing, I would tend to agree with you… subclassing ‘seems’ like a more promising approach. Moses himself called decorator ‘less performant’ in a recent post.

    Not sure if you remember me, but we had a two minute chat via phone once, I am also just dropping in to say hello. I love the style of this blog by the way.

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