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Harrisburg Gallery Walk

by: Rich Hauck

Since I’m already attending a wedding in Central PA this weekend I figured I’d play lone tourist to Harrisburg and hit the streets of Midtown for the Gallery Walk on Sunday. I’m constantly amazed at how weak the turnout is amongst my friends for this really cool event … Then again, this never had to compete with the Steelers season opener, so maybe I won’t go …

Is anyone else taking the walk?

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One thought on “Harrisburg Gallery Walk

  1. Dave says:

    I thought Gallery Walk was pretty good this year. We had to keep it short with the warm weather and our baby in tow, but she loved the visuals and behaved very well. Of course, after going a few years in a row we knew where the best places were and just headed to them.

    The highlights for us was the Friends of Midtown gallery on 3rd (great paintings of Harrisburg scenes – affordable), the book/flea market at the Midtown Scholar (super-affordable) and the Rambo Faire festival on North St in front of Mantis — lots of great independent vendors, Ill Cosby spinning an excellent selection of music (as always)… just a real vibrant, youthful underground arts vibe to the whole scene. Great to see that kind of cultural balance developing in Harrisburg.

    On a side note, we stopped for hot dogs and Italian ice at Nonna’s stand. Ray and Grace are opening their restaurant in a couple weeks, and it’s looking really nice on the inside. Exciting stuff is brewing in Midtown.

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