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NY Tech Meetup

by: Rich Hauck


My friend Moses got me to come along and attend my first NY Tech Meetup on Tuesday night. I was about to list all of the presentations I saw, but I’ll let Silcon Alley Insider do it for me (Coincidentally, there’s a picture of me sporting some serious red-eye there, too).

Some general thoughts:

  • seemed to breath some life into the stale, “hey, I had that idea!” Web 1.0 concept with a very sharp-looking Flash front-end. Kudos to my hometown’s andCulture on building the site–and recognizing there’s a bigger market than just Central PA. Now if you could just do something with your own cooler-than-thou Web site
  • Meetup CEO Scott Heiferman succeeded to annoy me–“Okay every presenter gets 5 minutes–Oh, except for you, Mr. former-CEO-of-DoubleClick-turned-startup-celebrity Kevin Ryan. We’ll dedicate as long as I deem it necessary for you!”
  • I really liked what BookSwim’s presenters were suggesting, but I guess I was alone, as no demo = booing offstage. I suggested a similar model to a Brooklyn librarian trying to find ways to re-connect the library system with the public … there’s gotta be promise somewhere with this idea (Oh, and hey, guys, don’t let NetFlix’s lawyers find your site).
  • I’m in like with you stole the show in my opinion, from the “Business model? Huh? This is for fun!” approach in their presentation to their uber-impressive Flash frontend/Rails backend UI.
  • No Mobile apps. A little surprising to me.

Overall, the well-packed room was a bit stuffier than the typical NYC gatherings I attend, but it’s nice to see there’s that startup energy around here …

3 thoughts on “NY Tech Meetup

  1. Dave says:

    Come on Rich, you know you want to work with the andCulture team! You are way cooler than we could ever be.

  2. Rich Hauck says:

    Hey, I hope you’re not taking this post personally. I’m really impressed by a lot of the stuff you guys do, but your Website doesn’t do your talent justice. Maybe I’m the only one who’s vocal about it, because I know a good amount of people who feel the same way–they leave your site wondering if you’re an ad agency or interactive firm.

    As for work, you have my e-mail, and I welcome your offer 🙂

  3. Dave says:

    No, the feedback is always appreciated.

    I would suggest that the difference between ad houses and interactive groups is disappearing rather rapidly. We engage in the space where brand interacts with consumer and that demands that our marketing, design, r&d, and technology teams play well together. Our website is meant to represent that in order for this “conversation” to take place you need an agency that can perform in those four arenas in an integrated fashion.

    Next time you’re in town come visit us…

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