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My First Wikipedia Entry

by: Rich Hauck

Mike Mussina

After waiting a few days for my account to auto-confirm my submission status, I posted a picture I took of Yankees pitcher Mike Mussina onto Wikipedia.

I’m kind of proud of it–not the picture, since I unfortunately couldn’t offer a better one–but the fact that I actually found a place on the site where I could actually contribute. Granted, Wikipedia is always evolving, but it always seems pretty complete whenever I browse through its articles (I suppose if one felt so compelled to contribute they could vainly write up a biography of themselves…come to think of it why doesn’t that happen more often?).

I was required to place the picture under a GNU Free Documentation License–which is perfectly fine with me, although it makes me wonder if the license then pertains to the uncropped version of the photo (I shot it with a telephoto lens from the upper deck and the original has quite a bit of the field left in). It probably doesn’t, but shouldn’t it? 🙂


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