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BarCampHarrisburg 2009 Wrapup

by: Rich Hauck


Well, the turnout was a little less than one would have hoped (thanks to the nasty ice storm), but by all other accounts, the first BarCamp to be held in Harrisburg, PA was a success. The topics ranged from Drupal to Photoshop, to social media in Harrisburg to WordPress, SVN, and Ruby on Rails.

Thanks again to Temple University, Hauck Interactive, and Factory 44 for the venue, Nuts About Granola for the breakfast, andCulture for the coffee, Judge for lunch, and MudBrick Creative for the t-shirts.

Ironically, most of the people I initially met with that embraced the idea of BarCampHarrisburg were apparently detered from attending by the weather. Fortunately, there was still a decent turnout, including one attendee from Williamsport and another from Virginia.

The overall feedback was that everyone had a good time and that more events like this would be welcome again in Harrisburg. I had a few people ask when the next one will be held–securing a venue is always the tough part, however, we might look into hosting another one at the end of the year or the beginning of 2010 (definitely during nicer weather to yield a higher turnout, though).


Taken during Dave’s Drupal and WordPress plugin tips. I had to post this. It just reminds me of a cheesy stock photo ūüôā


The traditional session schedule photo-op. We had to cut the morning sessions a bit short, thanks to the weather.


BarCampers grabbing lunch sponsored by The Judge Group and delivered by Nonna’s.


Dave, me, Dave M. and Dan (shooting photo) at the bar afterwards. Dave M. didn’t exactly organize, but was a huge help in closing up, plus drove from Williamsport, so he gets a bye.

Here’s some of the posts already on BarCampHarrisburg:

If you attended, feel free to leave comments or post. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the event.

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