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Ronan Camden Hauck

by: Rich Hauck

My wife gave birth to our first child, Ronan Camden Hauck, at 11:06 am this morning in our home with the help of a midwife (7 lb, 20 1/2 inches long). While he was slightly late, Ronan didn’t arrive while I was to teach class, plus he let Daphyn and me watch the Super Bowl uninterrupted, so he’s definitely okay in my book 🙂

For a brief moment, I considered naming the child Jeffrey Mohit David Lamar Yosef Hauck, but negotiated a child name my wife liked (Ronan, although Irish, makes me think of Japanese ronin, and Camden, well, I’m still an Orioles fan to some small degree).

I’m not the type for playing paparazzi to my kids (my pet peeves include people who substitute their own Facebook profile picture with that of their child), but I’m getting grilled by friends for not posting anything, so here are two quick pics (below). Ironically, a lot of friends replied to my text messages earlier in the day saying they’d seen him before I even took a picture of him. Apparently I have a lot of family working overtime on their Facebook tagging.



To the Twitterati, take heart in the fact that you guys found out the sex (it was a surprise) and the delivery time before my parents even knew. Serves them right for not following me.


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