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5 People Lunch Meme

by: Rich Hauck

Jersey tagged me on his 5 people lunch meme, and as a good blogger, I feel compelled to answer.

My first answer would be to have lunch with five geographically-distant friends, as having lunch with famous people (who, let’s face it, would be complete strangers) would be an awkward situation for both me and the other party. Furthermore, I’m not a fan of this question because it begs you to impress everyone by naming a lesser-known, non-celebrity-but-famous-for-a-reason answer. I might as well be out tutoring some bartender on how to make “my” drink.

Since the friend answer defeats the fun of this question, I’ve answered below (in no particular order). I wasn’t sure if dead people were acceptable (otherwise it’d be Christ, Buddha, and Mohammed FTW), so I kept it with the living.

  1. Shigeru Miyamoto. The Walt Disney of the video game industry deserves my thanks for a happy childhood.
  2. Steve Jobs. The Willy Wonka of our generation can’t be off this list.
  3. Bill Watterson. Of anyone who could tell me the joys and pitfalls of creating comics, this is the man.
  4. Warren Buffett. Last year, Zhao Danyang paid $2.1 million to have lunch with the Oracle of Omaha. If offered, why turn down something so valuable for free?
  5. Gordon Ramsay. Someone has to cook the meal!

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