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Beyond Second is back up!

by: Rich Hauck

After two weeks of downtime, is back up!

What happened?

Roughly two weeks ago, Beyond Second’s hosting provider migrated to new servers. The hosting provider resells RackSpace (one of the biggest and most reliable hosts in the business), so the hardware wasn’t the issue, however, our hosting provider apparently didn’t prepare for the DNS changes associated with such a move. In the end, what this meant was that the site went down, and we couldn’t even access the site files to download and move them.

So what did you do?

We were finally able to access the site files after four days–even though the site was still not displaying at the Web address. Ultimately, this oversight by our host, compiled with the fact that we were exceeding our hosting limit (and would have had to pay extra for more space), made us decide to change hosting providers. We settled on Bluehost, one of the largest shared hosting companies out there. Besides their reliability, they offer unlimited hosting space, so B2 won’t be running out of space in the near future (if ever!).

But what took so long?

There were a variety of issues, starting with establishing old account info with Bluehost (B2 actually had an account on Bluehost back in ’06), to permissions issues (1600 photos were stubbornly not backing up). Trust me, this couldn’t have occurred at a worse time, as work has been really busy and my wife’s technically due with our next child as I write this.

It was really cool hearing from those of you who immediately noticed the site was down, and I apologize for the delays. Once things settle down a bit here, I’m hoping we can add some new features to the site to further support the community. In the meanwhile, happy posting, and if you notice any issues please ping me!

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