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Barcamp Harrisburg 5

by: Rich Hauck


It’s hard to believe BarCamp Harrisburg hits 5 years next year. The website design sort fell into my lap at the last minute, so I took the opportunity to play around with parallax–a technique that’s rarely warranted and something that’s become somewhat of a novelty following Nike Better World. Designing the site also got me to dust off some photos I’ve shot over the years.

With the exception of, say, the excellent BarCamp Omaha site, many barcamp sites today are pretty simplistic. I know I could have posted something with a pre-made WordPress template, but I’m hoping a little panache piques the interest of the more visual-minded and gets them to consider attending.

It’s way off in April, but if you haven’t signed up you, you can do so over at Eventbrite.

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