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What’s your favorite ornament?

by: Rich Hauck


I finally did it. I’ve completed my geekdom and hung an Enterprise on my tree. Granted, I’m a Next Generation child, but my father introduced me to Trek via the original films. My favorite ship is definitely the NCC-1701-A.

Currently, it easily beats my wife’s Waterford Crystals hanging on our tree as my favorite ornament. I’ll confess that it’d be supplanted by a certain limited-edition family Christmas ball if my mother ever bequeathed it to me…

Ultimately, I blame my children for this geeking out, especially my older son, Ronan, who’s become obsessed with Star Wars. My boys have taken part in an annual tradition where they choose Hallmark Ornaments every year. This year, the 2012 Lego Stormtrooper adorned our tree (since Daphyn and I aren’t really keen on Ronan’s first choice of Darth Maul decking our halls). Naturally, I couldn’t leave this alone, and insisted that a true Star Wars specimen like the Death Star or this item hang on our tree:

Millenium Falcon

I must say that posting pictures of our artificial tree makes me self-conscious, so I’m vowing that next year we get a real tree. Kind of ironic, considering that I’m not really even Christian, yet I’ve been responsible for decorating the tree the past two years.

This brings me to the age-old ritual of tagging other bloggers and asking them to post a response. I realize I’m being presumptuous here, but here’s my question–what’s your favorite ornament on your tree? Post a picture!

Sadly, blogging seems to be a lost art in this age of microblogging, but nevertheless, I’ve got some candidates (assuming they find this):

…and Team Van Bastelaar, assuming Liz ever gets her posts working again. Shame she doesn’t know any web designers…

One thought on “What’s your favorite ornament?

  1. Paul Housley says:

    Hallmark has this Beauty of Birds series that I got into with the second in the series. We bought them because I'm a fan of birds and I thought this one – a Black Capped Chickadee – was one of the most beautiful Christmas tree ornaments ever. Being ignorant to the ways of Hallmark I was surprised to see a Blue Jay the following year and I realized it was a series. I went looking for the first bird and it was already selling for 100 dollars on Ebay. Kim and I decided not to pay 100 dollars for the ornament. One year after that it was selling for 200. Again – we're not going to pay that much just to complete the series. Now that first ornament – a Cardinal – goes for more than 300 dollars. My Black Capped Chickadee is actually even pricier at 350 dollars. Kim wouldn't even let me put it on the tree this year. So my favorite Christmas ornament is the Black Capped Chickadee that costs too much to hang.

    Good blog idea imho. And artificial trees are so much easier. I think you should stick with it. Natural trees are a huge pain.

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