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Taking on the Greenbelt

by: Rich Hauck

I used to drive by this sign on my commute to work, and it’s what planted the seed that such a path existed.

This past Friday, I decided to take on the Capital Area Greenbelt, a 20-plus mile nature path that circles Harrisburg. The following Sunday, I did it again, going the opposite way.

IMG_2098Why the second trip so soon? Well, I had a 30 minute “detour” trying to find my bluetooth headset in a field (more in the gallery captions, below). I also wanted to see if I could improve my time, as I got a little lost on the first go-around (I shaved an hour off, according to RunKeeper). The Capital Area Greenbelt Association has kiosks with maps, however, the pamphlet map is way too simplified. The posted kiosk maps (picture in gallery) are sufficiently-detailed, but what would have been easiest was an accessible Google Map to track with my phone. The website has an embedded map on their website, but in-app would have been ideal.

I’m sure biking the Greenbelt isn’t much of an accomplishment to cyclists that trek this every week, but for a desk jockey like me, I was happy to finally strike it off my list. Now, I feel like it’s a must for anyone living here.

A 22-mile ride seems long, but in the end, it really wasn’t that bad. I was surprised just how little of the path was shared with public roads, and loved uncovering some of the art gems along the way. I’ll inevitably do this again (now that I know where I’m going), and hope that more artwork sprouts up in the future.

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