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Revisiting Vermont

by: Rich Hauck

Well, I didn’t manage to do too much traveling this summer, but I did make another trek up to Vermont as part of a beer run/bachelor party. Somehow, no matter how late I stayed up, my body had an internal alarm clock that woke me up around 6 a.m. Fortunately, I made the most of it by taking some beautiful shots of the countryside.

_MG_3602_MG_3532 _MG_3543

The sunsets weren’t too shabby, either.

_MG_3549 _MG_3558 _MG_3595   IMG_1339

I did say beer, didn’t I? Part of the trip involved visiting Hill Farmstead.


The ordering process has vastly improved in the course of a year. This time, I wasn’t stuck in a 3-hour line (at least on the Saturday morning when I visited). Instead, I was issued a numbered order card upon entering the brewery. The number assured my place in the queue, and they allow you to visit the tap house (for up to two pints) as you wait.


I was really surprised that the tap house remained unfinished, as a wooden skeleton was already standing a year before. I can’t fault the brewery, as they’ve clearly been busy with production.


Lastly, here’s a lovely picture of our group (along with items all found in the barn we rented):



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