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5 People Lunch Meme

Jersey tagged me on his 5 people lunch meme, and as a good blogger, I feel compelled to answer. My...

Ronan Camden Hauck

My wife gave birth to our first child, Ronan Camden Hauck, at 11:06 am this morning in our home with...

The Real Transformers Movie

My friend Mundy pointed out this video of Optimus Prime vs. Megatron to me awhile ago. True Transformers fans, you...

Chimay Cheese

Yup, my favorite beer comes in cheese form. Just like the Belgian monks ale, it’s not cheap, but really good.

Manhattan is Steelers Country

If the Yankees had an NFL counterpart as far as fan-base goes, it’d be the Steelers. I swear, there are...

Psychotherapist in Mac OS X

I happened to run across a link the other day that explains how to play a built-in version of Tetris...

Back in Business

My blog’s back up! Unfortunately, my database was accidentally dropped during the server transfer, but I was able to reconstruct...

The Beastles

I never thought I could program with ambient music in the background, but I’ve gotten used to it, and have...

Real Life Simpsons

Hooray for YouTube for making someone a celebrity! The Simpsons in Real Life – from the ITP listserv


It’s that thing you tell yourself only happens to other people…until it happens to you. Yup, on Friday my laptop...

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