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My first street art

Thanks to the folks at the Harrisburg Downtown Improvement District and Sprocket Mural Works, I got to work on my...

The August 2018 Burg Cover

I recently completed the August 2018 cover of The Burg, though what few people know is that it was a...

Poured In Pennsylvania

Poster design I completed for the upcoming “Poured in Pennsylvania” documentary by GK Visual. More at Poured in PA.

Lyrical Gangster

I suppose it’s only appropriate that I get to posting about this on the same night that all of the...

Burg Illustrations 2016

I had the privilege of illustrating each month for the editor of Harrisburg-basedĀ The Burg News. I’m already at work on...

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Rich Hauck

I'm a creative technologist at Hauck Interactive, Inc. and an adjunct instructor at HACC. I live in Harrisburg, Pa. with my wife and three boys. I enjoy good coffee, Trappist beers, Orioles baseball, and good design.